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animate uiview or uiimageview

objective-c; ios; XCode; the easiest way to animate move x , move y or move both , change size or any type of animation UIView beginAnimations , thats mean your animation is started

use image for specified button state

Objective-c ; iOS; XCode in ios 6 , you can add specific image for any button state , like image to normal state and image to highlight state , or on other words wen you touch button change image and wen release change image.

Hi, iOS , objective-c , xcode Today i’ll show you the best way to drag and drop or move objects using touch events , i’ll use this two functions that you can implement them in any ViewController:

touchesBegan : will be active at the first moment of moving object , it’s will be active […]

objective c merge two images

Hi; This function below is to merge two images UIImage and return UIImage , in the header file copy and past the function definition below: +(UIImage*)MergeImage:(UIImage*)img1 withImage:(UIImage*)img2;

how to build openCV for iOS ” easy way “

  how to build openCV for iOS iphone,ipad and iPod touch ” easy way ” if you want to build and install and use openCV in your iOS projects for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch  so you can use this link to do this and get opencv2.framework to add it in your project. but if […]

objective c fade animation UIImageView

xcode – iOS – objective-c Hi; How to make fade in or fade out animation for “or on” UIImageView object in Objective-c ” iOS” you want to use UIVew class and UIImageView object “myImage” 1-    UIView : beginAnimations : context // to tell that the animation options will start !! 2- UIView setAnimationCurve // to […]

objective c UITableView change row cell height

xcode – iphone – objective-c Hi; the code below shows how to change UITableView ” table view ” cell or row height by using [ UITableView : heightForRowAtIndexPath ] ” Asks the delegate for the height to use for a row in a specified location “

objective c UITableView edit table view rows

xcode – iphone -objective-c Hi; to edit ” delete or select ” rows or cells of table view , you can use [ UITableView : setEditing ] “A Boolean value that determines whether the receiver is in editing mode”

objective c UITableView delete selected rows

xcode – iphone – objective-c Hi; if you want to know my way of deleting selected rows from table view so maybe you choose the easiest way to delete selected rows or cells from UITableView :

objective c iphone delete file

xcode – iphone – objective c Hi; the method “function” below is an example how to delete file using file manager “NSFileManager” [ NSFileManager : removeItemAtPath: error ] “Removes the file or directory at the specified path.” , you can use this method “function” to do this.