Some times when you use the following code “Imports Excel = Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel”  to import excel library which is used to do export and import from excel sheet, an error appears

VB.Net How to Export Datagridview to Excel

Datagridview is agreet ActiveX that you can show your data result set in a user friendly table, here an example that shows how you can export Datagridview table rows to Microsoft Excel Sheet .

I need to install wordpress to my new account, the regular way is to download the zipped file of wordpress code and then upload it using FTP client, but the internet speed was very low, so I found a php code script to upload the zipped file directly from server, I made the page […]

Calling oracle procedure from php

An Example code to call oracle procedure from php web programming language, the code is simple and so easy to use.

how to connect to oracle with using php

Here is a sample code that connects to oracle database using php: