How to make a setup for application

The VB.NET output executable file may have some dependencies on some Activex objects or .NET framework, to run the output application on any PC and publish it over Internet, you have to make a setup file for it so all required files will be installed to the system with the executable file.

What is Component Object Model (COM)

Component Object Model (COM) introduced by Microsoft in 1993 as a binary-interface standard for creating dynamic Objects to be used in various programming languages

ASP vs. PHP web programming languages

I will show in this posts some difference between ASP and PHP,  ASP is a short of Active Server Pages, While PHP is a short of “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor”, both of them is used to build dynamic websites that interact with database.

Redirect non www to www htaccess 301 redirect

The redirect from non www to www is needed for many resons, one of them that you may put a site on and other one on, the search engines treat and as different sites that, which leads to duplicate content some times.

Here an example about how to upload data from VB.NET to a PHP web page using POST method, the code is very simple, note that if you are not behind a proxy, comment the tow red lines in the code that sets the proxy, the argument is “name” and it’s data “Fakhri Alsadi”

This post shows how to make a HTTP connection through  Proxy, when you try to make a request and get response without setting the proxy the exception “ proxy …  407 Proxy Authentication Required”  will be thrown, the solution for this is to add these 2 lines that set the proxy to your connection.

VB.NET post data to url example

Some times you want to transfer data to a web application or to a remote database that used by a web app, and you do not like to make a remote database connection directly from VB.NET which can face many issues including firewall protection, you may post your data to a web service using HTTP […]