Answer: To run Delphi Application as Administrator in Windows 7 or Windows Vista, There is two ways to do that

Some times you need to store an array in your MySQL database using php, suppose that you have an array of names and marks as the following

To avoid SQL injection attacks, do not trust the user input, you have to  sanitize input by removing some characters used to inject some hacking code in your input, to do that I developed a function to sanitize input as the following

Php function to encode and decode

Here we will show a php function to encode and decode a string, we will use the two functions base64_encode and base64_decode below is the function.

Php function to count the words in a string

Here we will show an idea how to write a php function to count the words in a string, the idea is so easy, the words is separated by spaces, so if you count the spaces for a string, it will be the words count.

We will show a php function to validate email address, you have to validate email in php after JavaScript validation because the JavaScript may be disabled!, see the following function to learn how to validate email using php

I this post we will show to remove some character in a specific string, we will write a php function to remove spaces from a string, we will use the php function str_replace() which replaces all occurrences of the search string with the replacement string.

Php function to escape quotes, How to escape quotes in php, quotes are dangerous in user input such login forms, it used to hack your login system by sql injection, to remove quotes and protect your system from sql injection attacks

Some times in php you may use include, include_once, require or require_once for the same purpose and you do not see any differences between them, all four can take a local file as input. none of them can import a remote file from another server

Php 301 redirect header seo

301 redirect is the most search engine friendly way to make a page radirection, 301 redirection tells the search engine that the current page “moved permanently”, so it will remove it from it’s index