objective c table view index of selected row cell

Xcode – iphone – objective c Hi, to get index of selected section and row of table view UITableView , you want to add UITableViewDelegate protocol and UITableViewDataSource protocol to use table view easily then implement [ tableview : didSelectRowAtIndexPath ] method .

objective c iPhone edit table view

Xcode – iphone – objective c Hi, to edit table view UITableView you can easily use [UITableView : setEditing: animated]; this method set table edit mode on and off suppose you have button named ” UIButton* EditButton ” with title @”Edit” , and you want to make it the edit button of UITableView , this […]

objective c iPhone send sms

XCode – iphone – objective-c Hi; this sample -Example- cover How to send SMS from iPhone programmatically using MFMessageComposeViewController

Objective c char* to NSString

xcode – Objective-c Hi; To convert C String ” char* ” to objective-c string ” NSString ” you can easily use [ NSString : initWithUTF8String ] which returns an NSString object initialized by copying the characters a given C array of UTF8-encoded bytes .

objective c unix timestamp

xcode – objective-c ; Hi; Unix timestamp can be 32-bit or 64-bit , so , in case of 32-bit you can use you can use NSTimeInterval = 32-bit time but in case of 64-bit timestamp you will use NSTimeInterval = (64-bit time/1000000)-62135596800

Objective c NSString to char* C string

Xcode – Objective-c Hi; You know that objective-c can use c functions , and c functions don’t understand objective-c objects , so if you want to use any C function requires char* –> that means the function argument requires is c-string , you can get it from objective-c string “NSString” using [ NSString : UTF8String […]

Xcode – objective-c -iphone source code; Hi, iPhone iOS embedded sqlite3 , first thing you should do to use sqlite3 API is to add it to your project , so in your project select the main root of project from project navigator and go to “Build Phases” then expand “Link Binary With Libraries” then click […]

objective c create open close sqlite3 database

XCode – Objective-c Hi, Firstly , to use SQLite in your project you must add sqlite3 API “libsqlite3.dylib” to “Linked Frameworks and Libraries” , and import “#import <sqlite3.h>” to your class.

objective c documents and temp directory

Xcode – Objective-c Hi, If you want to get path of documents directory , you can use NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains which creates a list of directory search paths , it takes 3 parameters ( NSSearchPathDirectory, NSSearchPathDomainMask, BOOL expandTilde )

delphi wordpress add remote comment

Delphi – WordPress Hi If want to add new comment to wordpress post , you can do it programmatically in delphi using (TIdHTTP, TStringList) , please don’t use this delphi code to make spam comments or spam auto commenter :