animate uiview or uiimageview

objective-c; ios; XCode; the easiest way to animate move x , move y or move both , change size or any type of animation UIView beginAnimations , thats mean your animation is started

Hi, iOS , objective-c , xcode Today i’ll show you the best way to drag and drop or move objects using touch events , i’ll use this two functions that you can implement them in any ViewController:

touchesBegan : will be active at the first moment of moving object , it’s will be active […]

Xcode – objective-c -iphone source code; Hi, iPhone iOS embedded sqlite3 , first thing you should do to use sqlite3 API is to add it to your project , so in your project select the main root of project from project navigator and go to “Build Phases” then expand “Link Binary With Libraries” then click […]

objective c turn iPhone flashlight on off

objective c turn iPhone flashlight on off XCode – Objective-c Hi, If you want to write an application to turn iPhone’s camera flashlight LED on off don’t waste your time searching the sites for the real or true code , because I did it and I knew the true . I have used AVCaptureDevice only […]