Excel to mysql smart converter download

If you want to convert your excel sheet files to mysql, there is no direct tool in phpmyadmin because there is a configuration must be done before the conversion process

Php explode function example multi delimiter

Some times we need to use explode function with different delimiters, suppose that you have the string “val1#val2@val3@val4#val5″ and you want to extract the val1,val2,val3,val4 and val5, you need to use explode function on the chars ‘#’ and ‘@’

How to minimize outlook to system tray

Some Times you need to minimize outlook to system tray because you need outlook to keep running to inform you about new emails and to use calendar and notes easily, here we show how to minimize outlook to system tray in one simple step.

Firefox Can’t login to some websites problem

Firefox Can’t login to some websites problem, Recently I developed a web application using php and mysql, but a big problem appears to me when my clients used Firefox, the browser can’t send the username and password to the login page

Selecting random records in IBM DB2

For some reasons you may want to select some random records from a table to perform some processing on them,  I will show how to Select random records in IBM DB2

Html table printing cut off problem ( page break) appears when you try to print a Html table that is larger than the size of A4 paper, the problem is you may find some rows divided from the middle to the two pages

Html table A4 size to be printed

Html table A4 size to be printed, actually the A4 paper size in pixels is 2480 * 3508 pixels (from Photoshop New Dialogue), but this size it too large from Frontpage or Dreamwaver design window

Redirect non www to www htaccess 301 redirect

The redirect from non www to www is needed for many resons, one of them that you may put a site on sitename.com and other one on www.sitename.com, the search engines treat sitename.com and www.sitename.com as different sites that, which leads to duplicate content some times.

I need to install wordpress to my new account, the regular way is to download the zipped file of wordpress code and then upload it using FTP client, but the internet speed was very low, so I found a php code script to upload the zipped file directly from wordpress.org server, I made the page […]

Calling oracle procedure from php

An Example code to call oracle procedure from php web programming language, the code is simple and so easy to use.