I will show you the simplest way to prevent visitors from coping content or saving images , you have to install the plugin “Prevent Content Copy & Image Save” to do that.

Here we will show how to get your website visitors IP address, you may need IPs to some statistics or for some security reasons, some times you may want to block some IPs or Some country visitors.

Persistent http connection example php

Making the HTTP connection persistent can speed up your site, it can handle requests of your page in one connection

How to get a link for a wordpress category, If you have the category ID, you can use the function get_category_link(), it returns the permalink for any category by using its cat_id.

php checkdate function example

The php checkdate function checkdate() checks the validity of the date passed as arguments of month, day and year, it return TRUE if the given date is valid, otherwise returns FALSE

php chdir function example

The php chdir() function changes PHP’s current directory to another directory passed as a string parameter called ‘$directory’

php base_convert function example

The php base_convert() function is used convert numbers between arbitrary bases, for example you can convert a decimal number to binary or Hex. Definition: string base_convert ( string $number , int $frombase , int $tobase ) Example: $d=’3′; $hex=’A37334′; echo base_convert($d , 10 , 2); echo ‘<br/>’; echo base_convert($hex , 16 , 2); Output: 11 […]

php base64_encode function example

The php base64_encode function is used to encodes data with MIME base64 to transport data through layers that are not 8-bit clean, after encoding the result will take 33% more space than the original data.

php base64_decode function example

php base64_decode function is used to decode the given data  encoded with MIME base64, it returns FALSE if the input data contains character from outside the base64 alphabet.

php assert_options function example

The php assert_options function is used to set or read the various assert flags, below there is a list of some values that can be used