I need to make a lablel back color transparent, I searched google and found many ways to do that, there is ways to do it with more than 10 code line, the best way to do that by 2 code lines, we will show example using label.

How to print excel file from VB.net

How to print excel file from VB.net, some times you need to print an excel file which may be exported by your application, to do that use the following function by eng. Fakhri .

vb.net calling stored procedure code

Vb.net calling stored procedure code, If you want to call a stored procedure from Visual Basic .net, use the following code, the stored procedure name is “choosenames” and “@cat”,”@count” are parameters to the stored procedure.

If you want to publish your vb.net or C# application to users that uses WINXP other old Windows versions you have to install .net frame work first, thus you have to make a setup project for your application and make the used .net framework as a prerequisite

Some times you need to run some code or application on windows startup, just like antivirus or other vital services, here we will show how to make vb.net application run on Windows startup in one code line!

How to make vb.net program minimize in sys try

Some time you need to make vb.net program minimize in sys try beside the clock and date and other services, to do this using vb.net suppose you have form1, choose the control NotifyIcon, write the following code

How to make a setup for vb.net application

The VB.NET output executable file may have some dependencies on some Activex objects or .NET framework, to run the output application on any PC and publish it over Internet, you have to make a setup file for it so all required files will be installed to the system with the executable file.

What is Component Object Model (COM)

Component Object Model (COM) introduced by Microsoft in 1993 as a binary-interface standard for creating dynamic Objects to be used in various programming languages

Here an example about how to upload data from VB.NET to a PHP web page using POST method, the code is very simple, note that if you are not behind a proxy, comment the tow red lines in the code that sets the proxy, the argument is “name” and it’s data “Fakhri Alsadi”

This post shows how to make a HTTP connection through  Proxy, when you try to make a request and get response without setting the proxy the exception “system.net.webexception proxy …  407 Proxy Authentication Required”  will be thrown, the solution for this is to add these 2 lines that set the proxy to your connection.